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         The following video is obtained from real works, research, export import shipment in real life, various books, media, government website, internet, expert import trade shipment, custom broker, banker etc. TradeSkill are based on owners and producers does not accept any responsibility or liability for the information, content, completeness, validity or reliability that exists. All educational videos of TradeSkill are created solely for educational purposes and are not intended to code or discredit any person, any organization, any association, any company, government organization or body of anyone. TradeSkill's video is not about spreading or stopping rumors of any religious community or individuals or hurting feelings or insulting anyone. People associated with TradeSkill should always work hard to increase their export business. Whoever, if any person or professional uses all the material included in the TrudeSkill videos, will take responsibility on their own risks and consequences.

          TradeSkill videos, content, formulas, graphics, etc. content cannot be used by any professionals in any field. if any person or professional caught by copied or reselling any video material contained or TradeSkill study material and work formulas than all disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Jodhpur, Rajasthan only and it is liable to change without any prior notice. The expressed on the app are the personal views of the authors.