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How Many kinds of An Export firm ?

There are primarily 3 kinds of export companies that form the core of this activity.

  • Export Management Organization: from manufacture to final sale are handled by these exporters
  • Export Trading Corporation: these people generally focus of big markets and getting orders and then sourcing manufacturers and suppliers to execute the orders
  • Export Merchants: companies dealing in this premise generally source the supplies and repack and recondition them and export to various destinations across the globe.

How to get Import Export Code – IEC Code in India ?

Obtaining IEC from Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is mandatory for companies and organizations aspiring to enter into export and import. You will be allotted a Business Identification Number – BIN, which is based on PAN issued by IT authorities.

What is an Export Business ?

 Export is  a lucrative business but also involves hard work and natural business instincts to run it successfully.